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October 30, 2008

Available SAP Product Costing Consultant

The following Consultant from Peningo Systems has become available with an expertise in SAP Product Costing.  Should you have an interest in this candidate, please contact Peningo Systems by going to the following link:

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Candidate PEN51



Independent SAP CO Senior Consultant with excellent communication and managerial skills, extensive cross-functional implementation experience since 1992. Experience in the CO module, coupled with several years of manufacturing background. Former Product costing instructor at a big five’s academy, Project experience includes; Business processes assessment, system modeling and configuration, business scenarios identification such as Product cost planning, cost object costing,  material ledger for transfer prices and actual costing. Manufacturing environment: Engineer to order, make to order, process industry, discrete manufacturing, etc, for integration testing, cutover practice, support post go live. Integration knowledge includes: PP: Bill of materials, Routings, Recipes, Work centers, Quantity structure determination, etc. SD: Sales orders for make to order environment with valuated stock, MM: Material master, Material types, Inventory valuation, and Movement types. FI: Automatic posting for product costing such as process/account modifier configuration. Schedule manager. SPL. PS: Networks, WBS, PM: Configuration of costing pieces, PA: Posting of standard cost and variances to PA and reporting, PA configuration. PCA: Posting to PCA and reports, PCA configuration. BW: Basic query creation. Attended April, 2004 BW and Portal conferences in Orlando, October 2004 SEM conferences and March2005 SAP Financials.




11/2007 – 07/2008 - As independent consultant. 

SAP CO PC (Independent consultant) 5.0


  • To lead SAP COPC Product Costing implementation for high tech company using SAP for 10 years without using costing.
  • Implementation involved  review of COPC requirements, design and configuration, variance reports, report strategy, interfaces and knowledge transfer  on scrap calculation and failure cost processing.


08/2007 -11/2007 -   As independent consultant. 

SAP CO PC (Independent consultant) 4.7


  • To support a live system as part of the core competence center in a validated environment.
  • To support functionality enhancement initiatives in the costing arena.


4/2007 – 07/2007  – As independent consultant. 

SAP CO PC (Independent consultant) ECC6.0


  • To complete configuration setting, support integration testing, support cut over plan, for first roll out of worldwide implementation. Make to stock, make to order and engineer to order environment.


01/2007 – 03/2007 – As independent consultant. 

SAP CO PC (Independent consultant) ECC5.0


  • To troubleshoot a productive system on WIP and variances calculation on collective orders environment.


10/2006 – 12/2006 –As independent consultant. 

SAP CO PC (Independent consultant) 4.6C


  • To troubleshoot a productive system on WIP calculation.
  • Support for new year plan upload, cost estimates.


02/2006 – 10/2006 –As independent consultant. 

SAP CO PC (Independent consultant) ECC5.0


  • To take over configuration of Product costing functionality.
  • Completion of technical specification for development objects and coordination of data gathering for their testing.


03/2005 – 02/2006   

SAP CO PC (Independent consultant) 4.6C


  • Lead consultant COPC ,  implementation for an apparel industry solution.
  • To configure delivery cost functionality using condition types to calculate purchased materials cost.
  • To create costing formulas pertaining to cutting and sewing activities.
  • To implement base planning object functionality for new product.
  • To create summarization hierarchies for month end analysis.
  • To present schedule manager functionality for month end close process.


12/2004 – 02/2005  

SAP CO PC (Independent consultant) 4.6C


  • To provide support on product costing related issues to existing clients of outsourcing service center.
  • Support on standard setting, custom reports, CO PC, PA, PCA redesign, etc.


10/2004 – 11/2004

SAP CO PC (Independent consultant)


·         To configure CO PC for a 4.7 implementation, to consolidate two SAP legacy systems, one in 4.6c and one in 4.7.

·         Configuration completed in two weeks.


7/2004 – 10/2004 –

SAP CO PC (Independent consultant)


·         Call in to address variance analysis concerns for the manufacturing process managed through production orders in a live system.

·         To continue variance analysis initiatives for an aircraft manufacturing company using R3  4.5.

·         To assess needs and conduct training reinforcement sessions on SAP cost and variances, including scrap’s impact.

·         To review configuration pieces within variance computation.


5/20024 – 10/2004 – 

SAP CO PC (Independent consultant)


·         Call in to address specific issue on scrap reporting for a live system.

·         Troubleshoot on Scrap reporting for a live SAP 4.6c system in a discrete manufacturing environment for the aerospace division.

·         Task included:

·         Creation of customized application to report scraps on a daily basis.  (Failure cost processing).

·         SAP notes applications, knowledge transfer on scrap reporting, Improvement on period end closing performance, material ledger analysis.  Support on actual costing functionality. Make to order configuration for valuated stock without cost object. Base Planning Object. Training in Schedule manager.


2/2002 – 2/2004 -

Application engineer (Independent consultant)


·         SAP CO PC4.6c Application engineer for Puerto Rico affiliate of pharmaceutical company roll out.

·         Responsibilities included; make sure Puerto Rico affiliate fit global design for a multi country implementation. Testing business scenarios during informal and formal integration testing. Scenarios were: Product cost planning, process order costing, costing reports, etc.  In addition CO PC support for mainly for North America and occasionally Europe and South America implementation.

·         Support on cost center accounting, Special ledger purpose, PPPI environment. Integration points with MM, PP and FI.

·         Phases from affiliate assessment through go live and post production. Extensive SAP OSS interaction. Tools used include: Documentum, Test director, etc.


Task included:


·         Activity types mapping to cost centers – Cost center mapping to work centers.

·         Cost center planning, activity price calculation.

·         Product cost planning, costing run including mixed costing. Base planning objects.

·         Cost object controlling – Process order costing, Period end closing.

·         Conduct team members and power users knowledge transfer as well as end user training.

·         Show BW reporting capabilities to PC users. BW overview, query creation after being exposed to training in BW and exposed to BW corporate implementation team.

·         Lead integration testing and issues resolution.  Support cut over activities and go live and post go live activities.


11/2000 - 6/2001

SAP CO PC Consultant


Task includes:


·         To support Product Costing PPPI for a four plant’s roll out on Nov, 2000 in 4.OB. Product cost planning, process orders cost.

·         Configuration review and update to include a six plant roll out April 2001.

·         To provide SAP team with troubleshooting knowledge.

·         To conduct business scenarios testing.

·         To help on PA and CCA assessments cycles definition.


6/2000 - 11/2000  

SAP CO PC Consultant


Task includes:


·         To Configure Product Costing for the North American Power Division roll out in 4OB

·         To help in the CO module upgrade to 4.OB

·         To teach end user on the costing process.

·         To upgrade PCA and CCA report writer reports to 4.0B


1/1995 - 12/1999  

Senior consultant


Senior Product Costing Consultant for more than 13 implementations. Activities ranging from design, gap analysis, configuration, testing, training, new plant rollouts, upgrades, troubleshooting, team lead, consultant training, etc. Clients in manufacturing, chemical, high tech, pharmaceutical and consulting includes: Witco Chemical in Germany, Searle in Chicago and Puerto Rico, Century furniture in North Caroline, Whirlpool in Michigan, Kohler in Wisconsin, Menasha Corporation in Wisconsin, Fujitsu and Ban tec in Dallas, CSR in West palm beach an Augusta,  Ablestik in Long Beach, St. Lawrence Cement in New York, Condea Vista in Houston. R3 versions up to 4.0B


6/1986 - 12/1994 

Jul 1992- Dec 1994

Implemented R2 release 5.0 as a RK-D, RK-S, RM-PPS team member. Involved in a 2 1/2 year implementation project for 3 plants. Modules included were MM, RH, RK-S, and RM-PPS. ·Responsible for product costing application including production orders for actual cost calculation, training material for Product costing and  for testing customized costing application in Germ

October 23, 2008

How an organization should Plan for an SAP ERP 6.0 Upgrade

This article is sponsored by Peningo Systems, Inc., a provider of SAP Consulting Services on a nationwide basis. For more information on Peningo Systems, please go to the Peningo SAP Consultants page.

SAP LogoSAP has released a White Paper titled “How to Plan for an SAP® ERP 6.0 Upgrade”. The White Paper provides decision makers the information they need to evaluate, plan, and perform an upgrade to the SAP® ERP 6.0 application. It also introduces the tools and services SAP offers its customers during the transition to this new enterprise software.

Through extensive experience with customer upgrades, SAP has learned how important it is to safeguard production systems for your mission-critical activities – which is why SAP ERP 6.0 strongly supports system requirements for stability and availability while at the same time offering the high degree of adaptability and flexibility you need for business process innovation.

We at Peningo Systems strongly recommend this “White Paper” for any SAP Consultant / SAP Architect or IT Executive who are involved in the planning of an SAP ERP Upgrade.

The Contents of this White Paper Consists of:

  1. Why Customers Are Choosing SAP ERP 6.0
  2. Upgrade Scenarios
  3. Technical Upgrade.
  4. Functional Upgrade.
  5. Strategic Business Improvement Upgrade.
  6. Best Practices During an Upgrade Project
  7. Planning an Upgrade.
  8. Handling Modification .
  9. Simplifying the Testing Process.
  10. Additional Tools, Preparations .
  11. Building the SAP ERP 6.0 Landscape.
  12. What SAP Customers Are Saying About the Upgrade.

If you wish to view this white paper, please click the link below:

Click here to download “How to Plan for an SAP ERP 6.0 Upgrade”

If you are an “End Client” looking for a SAP Consulting Service provider to support your Applications, Peningo Systems provides Consultants with expertise in many areas including:

To see Peningo Systems areas of expertise, please go to the Peningo Technical Areas page.


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October 22, 2008

The Peningo SAP Consultants Blog

Welcome to the Peningo SAP Consultants Blog.  This Blog is intended to support the issues that affect the SAP Consulting market, as well as, follow SAP product related news and issues.

Peningo Systems has identified that the SAP technical services industry is moving in a direction that we at Peningo do not want to follow.  Our reasons for rejecting such a direction are:

Suppliers of SAP IT services have been organized into Networks of organizations or Cartels, with the purpose to control and enforce a reduction in the rates of individual consultants.  On the one side the Networks hopes to control demand and through the Networks force the rate reduction that will allow them a larger Margin.

The "End Client" recipient of the SAP Consulting Services continues to pay an ever increasing rate for such services, while the quality of the Consultants being delivered to them, declines; as the more “experienced SAP Consultants” refuse to participate in such equalitarian scheme.

Over the years, we at Peningo Systems have seen that the rates for the SAP Consultants have been reduced or become stagnant. As the Networks of these “Prestigious” SAP Consulting Service providers have increased needs to provide SAP Services, they seek "offshore" resources or lower paid H1-B / L-1 based resources to maintain their margins.  The more “Experienced Consultants” are not part of the equation, since their rate requirements would not fit into the “Prestigious” SAP Consulting Service provider’s lofty profit margin.  These "offshore and H1-B / L-1 resources" generally are not in tune with the needs of the American Business Community.

We invite your efforts to participate as a Commenter on this Blog in order to bring to the attention of the "End Client" the benefits of contracting direct, which will result in increase rate for the Consultant and lower billing rate to the "End Client”.

Peningo Systems supports and provides Consultants with expertise in many areas including:

To see Peningo Systems areas of expertise, please go to the Peningo Technical Areas.


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