December 02, 2008

Logistics to Supply Chain Management with SAP Logistics

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SAP Logistics is an enterprise software application that helps automate supply chain operations related to logistics. Logistics refers to the process of getting a product or service to its desired location upon request. There are many tasks that are involved in this process including transportation, purchasing, warehousing, and others. If all these tasks work efficiently, the product or service gets to its desired destination on time and at the lowest possible cost.


In Collaboration with SAP and Capgemini,  a white paper, “From Logistics to Supply Chain Management with SAP”, has been released which discusses finding from surveys that have been conducted in a 2006 survey at 76 Dutch companies that use SAP as the main business application

. The study focused on the maturity of and satisfaction on the main supply chain processes within these companies. The usage of SAP functionality to support these business processes was also part of the survey. The study gives insight in the stages of supply chain maturity and best practices in leading companies.


We at Peningo Systems strongly recommend this “White Paper” for any SAP Consultant / SAP Architect or IT Executive who are involved in the planning on implementing SAP Logistics.

The Contents of this White Paper Consists of:

1 Management summary


2 Introduction to the survey


3 Processes, maturity and technology


4 Sales Forecasting / Demand Planning

4.1 Survey results

4.2 Present IT-solutions

4.3 Improvement areas

4.4 Conclusions


5 Supply planning

5.1 Survey results

5.2 Present IT-solutions

5.3 Improvement areas

5.4 Conclusions


6 Production Planning & Scheduling

6.1 Survey results

6.2 Present IT-solutions

6.3 Improvement areas

6.4 Conclusions and recommendations


7 Production control / Shop floor control

7.1 Results of the survey

7.2 Present IT-solutions

7.3 Improvement areas & Conclusions


8 Logistics execution / Warehouse management

8.1 Results of the survey

8.2 Present IT-solutions

8.3 Improvement areas

8.4 Conclusions


9 Supply Chain Performance management

9.1 Results of the survey

9.2 Present IT-support

9.3 Conclusions and recommendations


If you wish to view this white paper, please click the link below:


Click here to download “From Logistics to Supply Chain Management with SAP


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