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How to implement SAP CRM Without Compromise

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SAP has release a white paper “CRM Without Compromise – A Strategy for Profitable Growth” that describes the concept of  elucidating how organizations can maximize their results by taking a more structured, holistic approach to CRM across the enterprise to gain a competitive advantage and promote sustainable, profitable growth.  We at Peningo Systems strongly recommend this “White Paper” for any SAP Consultant / SAP Architect or IT Executive who are involved in the planning of an SAP CRM implementation.


Investments in customer relationship management (CRM) applications have produced a broad spectrum of results. Some companies report amazing outcomes, such as dramatic increases in revenue and boosts in customer satisfaction along with significant savings in operating costs. For others, such investments have delivered only limited benefits or proved disappointing.


While implementing CRM, many organizations have lost sight of their customers. They focus on efficiency gains in specific areas like sales force automation (SFA) instead of looking at the bigger picture – from a customer perspective. They fail to become truly customer centric because they rely on point solutions with little or no integration – solutions that are not aligned with the organization’s long-term strategy and provide only a limited view of the customer. They focus on single channels and rarely achieve true multichannel coverage, resulting in bad customer experiences. They either compromise on functionality or try to achieve too much at one time and end up with a complex, expensive implementation with hardly any return on investment. Organizations often just automate existing bad processes instead of redesigning their customer-facing operations based on best practices. No wonder customer satisfaction is near an all-time low in many industries. It’s time to refocus on what CRM really is about – the customer – to achieve the results CRM has promised to deliver. In order to be successful, organizations must approach CRM without compromise.


Focusing primarily on bottom-line costs and departmental goals limits the top-line potential of CRM investments. The benefits of CRM can be much greater if more companies take CRM to the next level by designing their CRM strategy for future ambitions instead of just implementing software to support current capabilities.


This white paper describes the concept of “CRM without compromise,” elucidating how organizations can maximize their results by taking a more structured, holistic approach to CRM across the enterprise to gain a competitive advantage and promote sustainable, profitable growth.


This white paper by SAP will help enlighten the SAP Professionals who are implementing SAP CRM in a Best Practice approach to address a CRM implementation.

The following is the Table of Contents:


  • The CRM Paradox
  • A Customer-Centric Business Strategy
    • Customers Define Your Business
    • A Strategic Perspective on CRM
  • Strategic Business Challenges
    • Driving New Growth
    • Operational Excellence Redefined
    • Competitive Agility
  • The Path to CRM Success
    • Evolution of CRM
    • Customer-Centric Ecosystem
  • A Strategic Framework for CRM
    • A Framework to Outsmart and Outgrow Your Competition
    • Capitalizing on Customer Insight
    • Balancing Frontline Efficiency and Effectiveness
    • Aligning Marketing, Sales, and Service with the Customer in Mind
    • Managing Customer Experience Across Touch Points
    • Guiding Customers to the Right Channel
    • Beyond the Touch Point: Connecting Front Office and Back Office
    • Creating a Customer-Driven Value Network
    • Technology Framework for Adaptability and Integration
    • Managing Performance Improvement
    • Creating a CRM Culture – Because Employees Matter
    • CRM Deployment Options: Making the Right Choice
  • A Catalyst for Business Transformation


If you wish to view this white paper, please click the link below:

Click here to download “CRM Without Compromise - A Strategy for Profitable Growth

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